Baroque horn (fixed pitch) after J.W. Haas, or J. Leichnambschneider
and French Trompe de Chasse

Baroque Jagdhorns

These models are made in the Jagdhorn configuration in two or three coils. They are normally pitched in F, E flat, or D at A=440 or 415. but can also be made in other keys on request. They are extremely light-weight, and can be made to accept either a modern mouthpiece shank, or a smaller historical shank. Evidence from existing instruments in collections would suggest that baroque horns that were played orchestrally in the early part of the 18th century were fixed pitch instruments rather than crooked horns.

Both the Haas and Leichnamschneider have a 24cm bell diameter, but the Leichnamschneider model has a slightly smaller bell throat than the Haas baroque horn, resulting in a brighter tone color, and more compact sound.

The French Trompe de Chasse is in D at A=440, and can be made in the usual three coil configuration, or as the two coil Cor Dauphine, or the single coil Cor Dampierre with a coil diameter of 32 inches. The trompe de chass mouthpiece receiver accepts only a small trompe de chasse mouthpiece shank.

Pricing (in US $)

Fixed pitch Baroque Jagdhorn in F (two or three coils) after Haas or Leichnambschneider

Same in D (Three coils)




French Trompe de Chasse $3,200

Instruments are not supplied with cases. Please inquire if you would like information on where to find cases that will fit this model.